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Slice of Life Sunday | The other side of the lens

This week was a busy one for me, so much so that I barely lifted a finger yesterday. I caught up on Revenge via Hulu and met up with my sister to try someplace new in the neighborhood for dinner. Yes, those were the highlights of Saturday. But the highlights of the weekend and week leading up to it were well worth the mental crash! It was full of excitement and exposed me to the other side of the lens, a side I was all too happy to embrace.

Last weekend Jared rode with his dad in the MS150 ride from Houston to Austin. The winds were crazy that Saturday and I am so proud of their accomplishment! Seeing them cross the finish line was an incredible rush of emotions and adrenaline. I had stood impatiently for the last hour with my camera at the ready but in that moment I was just too excited seeing what was right in front of me to think about seeing it through the lens. Cheering, jumping up and down, and showing the whole crowd my pride was pretty much the only thing on my mind. So in my effort to multi-task, these are fairly blurry. I’ll tell our children it’s not only a record of the moment, but my excitement in the moment.

An added bonus to being in Austin was having the chance to visit with family. I’ve been fortunate enough to see our nephew Henry a handful of times since making his debut in January. Everyone always talks about how fast babies grow, how quickly their personalities form, and I’ve been lucky enough to see this in several clients who have invited me into their lives to photograph various milestones. But to see it firsthand in Henry, and in people I know and love so much has been such a joy! He’s such a charmer and has recently discovered his voice. It’s certainly given insight into the other side of the lens.

And quite literally, Jared and I spent time on the other side of the lens this past week for our engagement photos with our incredibly talented wedding photographer, Alicia Pyne. To say I was nervous was quite an understatement. As a photographer, I had full faith in Alicia to create beautiful images, it was me I was nervous about! Would the outfits I picked look nice? Would it be too humid for my hair to look good? Would my makeup be pretty? It was the first time I was ever in the mindset of my clients and it was such an eye opener! I certainly hope for their sake they don’t worry like me, but it’s definitely given me insight into the other side of the lens. Needless to say, it turned into a fabulous experience. Alicia did an amazing job of providing direction, taking charge and making us feel at ease during the session, an experience I strive to provide as well. Her teaser post on her Facebook page is amazing and I just cannot wait to see the rest and share!

2011: Year in Review

What a year 2011 was. I got engaged. Finally moved to my dream Houston neighborhood. Sat by family members who fought off health scares (and triumphed!). Got promoted at work. Took more time for me.

That last one meant a shift in work/life balance and I think I might finally be finding the swing of things. Although who really ever does? We moved out of Grace Hart & Company selling off my dad’s collection early in the year. Which was huge in gaining “me time” back (thanks, Mom!). And the longer I work as a part-time photographer, the better I seem to be getting at balancing all that that requires – the fun shooting part and the not-so-fun business part. And I’m really looking forward to 2012 and continuing to hone all of those skills.

Here are several of my favorite images that I took in 2011. Thank you to all of my amazing clients! I have enjoyed working with all of you and watching your families grow over the past year. Thank you so much for entrusting me with your photos.

A collage of favorite images from 2011 by Kelly Tarleton