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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is your availability?

Full sessions are available year-round based on availability. All sessions except newborn are scheduled for weekends only in the prime morning and evening lighting hours – typically 8:00 am – 10:00 am and 4:00 pm – 6:00 pm.

Newborn sessions are scheduled within the first 2 weeks of life (see explanation below). To schedule, contact me at least 6 months prior to your due date to be added to my schedule. I will make myself available in the two weeks on either side of your due date (2 before and 2 after) in order to get the best photos.

Mini sessions are available as limited special events twice a year (see explanation below).

All sessions are limited to 2 per month and require at least 2 weeks’ scheduling notice – please contact me early if you have a time in mind!

I’m on a budget, can I book a mini session at any time?

I understand the burdens of financial restrictions. To serve clients of various budgets, I offer limited mini session events twice a year. This arrangement is mutually beneficial – you get a professional service at a discounted cost and I maximize session scheduling + batch processing to make it cost effective for me. Therefore, I am unable to offer mini sessions outside of these special events. Subscribe to the studio newsletter to hear about these events before they are announced on social media.

When should I schedule a newborn session?

Newborn sessions are best photographed within the first 14 days of life to capture all that sleepy, smooshy sweetness. After two weeks of age, newborns become more alert and less pliable for posing. If you’d like to schedule a newborn session, contact me at least 6 months prior to your due date to be added to my schedule. I will make myself available in the two weeks on either side of your dude date (2 before and 2 after) in order to get the best photos.

At what age should I have my baby photographed?

This answer varies based on the images you wish to capture, but I find that newborn (first 10 days of life), 3 months, 6 months, and 12 months are the ideal milestones for photographing babies. Photographing your baby at one or all of these milestones, is up to you!

  • As a newborn, we can capture all the sweet moments when your baby is all smooshy and sleeping. This is also a great time to photograph the first few days of your growing family and the emotions that growth brings.
  • At 3 months we can capture the beginnings of your baby’s personality. Your baby might be able to hold his/her head up at this point, but most of this session will be spent in your arms or on a blanket.
  • At 6 months we can really capture your baby’s personality! At this age they are all smiles, able to sit up and discover the world around them a little more. This is one of my favorite baby ages for portraits.
  • At 12 months we can capture your baby’s first birthday milestone! This is a time for celebration and to document your little one’s growth. If you’ve held previous baby sessions in your home, this is a great time to try an outdoor session – maybe even some messy cake moments and bath time afterwards!

Where should we take our photos?

I photograph exclusively on-location. For in-home session, please don’t fret about the condition of your space! I pride myself in finding beautiful portrait lighting anywhere, and if that’s smack dab in front of a window in your own home, I promise I will produce stunning imagery in that spot! Clients are amazed with the photos I present them in what they thought was an ugly location – for example, my 2016 personal Christmas card photo was taken in my driveway.

All that said though, there are a few spots around Houston that have become popular amongst my clients for on-location photography, such as Discovery Green, Hermann Park, and Terry Hershey Park.

What can I expect after our photo session?

After the photo session is complete, you can expect to view your images in a private, password-protected online custom proofing site within four weeks of the session date. Depending on the type of session, length of session, number of people photographed, and number of outfit changes, your session will produce anywhere from 30-75 images for proofing. These images will each be edited for tone, color, white balance, and other standard retouching fixes such as contrast. I will hand-select a few images for further creative processing.

Your custom proofing site will be active for 14 days. Extension fees apply if you require longer to make order selections. If the two week period that your proofing site is scheduled to be published for is not convenient for you, please let me know prior to the site going live, as extension fees apply once it is published.

If I buy the digital images do I own the copyright?

As the creator of the image, full copyright will always remain with Kelly Tarleton Photography & Design. By purchasing one or all of the digital images from your session, you will be granted a limited copyright release. This release entitles the owner to limited ownership for personal use only. This includes unlimited reproduction of images, digitally or in print, for non-commercial purposes; and for personal use and distribution at no additional charge.

Please respect my copyright. If you purchase digital images, you will be provided a hi-res and lo-res set of files. The lo-res watermarked set is provided for the purposes of sharing on the web and my watermark must accompany any image that is shared online.

For more information regarding copyright, please see the following explanation provided by the Professional Photographers of America:

The Copyright Act protects photographers by giving the author (creator) of the photograph the exclusive right to copy, edit, and distribute image by sale or transfer.These exclusive rights make it illegal to copy, scan, edit, or share photographic prints and digital media without the photographer’s permission. Violators of this Federal Law will be subject to its civil and criminal penalties.Be sure to discuss your copyright needs or questions with your photographer; reasonable requests may be accommodated.For more information on photographic copyrights, please visit our Web site at

What if I don’t like my photos?

I get it, lifestyle photography sessions are an investment and you want to get your money’s worth!

Reshoots will be at photographer’s discretion. At the end of the day – I want you to be happy, to refer me to your friends and to return as a customer. So, please let me know if you are dissatisfied in any way.

With that said, please take care in selecting your family’s wardrobe for the session and ensuring everyone is comfortable in clothing that fits. Check out my Pinterest board if you need ideas! Getting a new cut, or trying out a new lipstick? Make your appointment at least two weeks before your session and try out anything new well in advance. This tip comes from personal experience in the eye-makeup-remorse category. Ugh.